I would love to leave the Eart

I would love to leave the Earth.It would be great to go visit other planets and tour the Galaxy, and then the universe. It would be a joy to be away from the sick, depraved, vicious people that infect the Earth.They do nothing to help each other despite constantly boasting that they ‘give back’. They ruin the planet with their greed and pollution and seek no relief from their evil. Oh how great it would be to be gone from this vile place.

I want someone to show me the

I want someone to show me the same affection as they do with their cat or dog, kind of want to be a cat.

I cut myself tonight because I

I cut myself tonight because I just couldnt resist the compulsion. I love my fiance so much, but she barely supports me, and has no interest in me sexually. We argue all the fucking time and it wears me down so heavily idk what to do anymore. After a really bad fight today I decided I really needed release- only for her to catch me, and instead of trying to help me feel better, she yelled and made me feel worse. Fml Let me die 🙁

The goal of abolishing the Jew

The goal of abolishing the Jewish race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed Jewish-Zionists supremacists”

i would like to get fucked by

i would like to get fucked by some weird shit. like scp-049. i’m a guy. i’m pansexual.

I made out with my first cousi

I made out with my first cousin- and loved it. We did other stuff too, such as French kissing, I fondled and sucked her breasts, she gave me a blowjob and we made out while completely naked. It was awesome. I also knew it was incestuous and wrong- but I loved it- and would do it again. The time I got spend with Tina was amazing.

I work at a local mcdonalds an

I work at a local mcdonalds and i put my period blood on the burgers whenever I’m on my period and they ask for ketchup,i just finger my pussy and spread it on the burger,or go in the restroom and put it flat on my cunt,even came on them a few times, it really turns me on, to watch everyone in the restaurant eating the blood from my uterus.



I falsely accused a man on rap

I falsely accused a man on rape years ago, even though I was never raped. He went through hell for years in courts trying to clear his name. I feel so guilty over it still (14 years later) that I feel suicidal. I want to apologize but I don’t know if I should. I want to feel better about myself and give him closure.

I am a man. Have always loved

I am a man. Have always loved women, but for the last 2 years all I have thought about was being with a man. I truly want to taste what a man taste like. I get so hard thinking about it

I am really scared. I am scare

I am really scared. I am scared of failing my courses & disappointing everyone. I don’t want anyone to know or to discover. My grades are bad & I want to fix it but even thought I do all the homework, review & ask questions in class, I’m still doing poorly.. What will I ever do…

I enjoy sucking my own nipple

I enjoy sucking my own nipple and pretending someone else is sucking on it. This thought makes my pussy so wet.

I recently got my first long t

I recently got my first long term relationship, and I know he’s planning to kiss me on Friday on our date(my first kiss!!!!) I’m super excited and ready, But also really hot and bothered. From experience, what’s better? A sweet and tender kiss, or when someone pins you up against the wall and kisses you?

I think Jeffrey Dahmer was on

I think Jeffrey Dahmer was on to something.

Sue, I love you and miss you s

Sue, I love you and miss you so much. You are such an important part of my life and for whatever reason you are not wanting to see me or even talk to me anymore. If i have done something to hurt you or annoy you, please at least tell me. I can’t stop wondering what it is I have done and if I can ever do anything to make things be like they were. It really does hurt.

A young girl lives next door.

A young girl lives next door. I guess she is about 14 or 15. Her bedroom is on the side of the house. I was on my porch and I noticed her undressing in front of her window. The blinds were open and the lights on. What a view!I sat on my porch several more times and waited, and she eventually flips the lights on in her room and strips. She doesn’t close the blinds. You’d think that she would know better. Usually it is boys that are exhibitionists.

Low key been starving myself a

Low key been starving myself all week I also tried to cut myself but it didn’t work I don’t want to tell my friends because I feel like I rant too much to them and they’re just annoyed with me now

It’s weird because sociopaths/

It’s weird because sociopaths/psychopaths don’t seem to care if they don’t feel for people and don’t have a conscious… (unless some wish they weren’t sociopaths/psychopaths idk?) With new science I can imagine a drug that can rewire the brain of a sociopath/psychopath to actually be able to feel empathy and be able to form some sort of conscious. Don’t know how long that will take. I know scientists are already working on it… but when/if it happens it just makes me think wow… what would that feel like… how would one see their own past looking back. It would be a very interesting experience for that person I’m sure… it’s like they will feel like a completely different person than they were before… I wonder how that would feel… having a conscious vs not having a conscious makes a great deal of difference in the way we experience life… it hard to imagine. We like to believe if we have a conscious we are inherently good people and im not saying there’s not such a thing as a good person I’m an empath and see myself as a good person But the thing that were supper uncomfortable talking about/admitting/thinking about… is that, in some ways am I a good person by default? If I was BORN with a conscious then yes. Sure I choose to do good… go above and beyond. Do things not everyone with a conscious would do… so I guess that make me good by choice as well. I was also loved well growing up. That plays a big part. Not that that makes it a certain thing you’ll be good or bad at all. I choose to be good but I was born with a strong conscious. Sociopaths/phycopaths Aren’t caring hearted (unless your not a full blown sociopath or for some other reason it’s complaicated idk… but I’ve read a lotttt about sociopathy and psychopathy so I have a medium understanding of it. Though Ive never taken any courses in phycology and studies it directly) So bad… but by default I guess

How to report child abuse with

How to report child abuse without having visitors and potentially putting someone in danger of the abuser who physically, emotionally, etc. harms a toddler.

This gorgeous young girl in he

This gorgeous young girl in her twenties is completely infatuated with me and I’m not sure what to do. When she sees me she ignores her boyfriend and spends the whole night with me, standing close, smiling, and looking at me as if I’m the greatest thing to ever walk the earth. Before you say anything I’m broke and in my 50s, so there’s no reason for her to “act nice”. She takes every opportunity to cuddle and for a long time too (I let her of course, she’s insanely beautiful) and asks me so many questions about my life etc. Apparently she talks to every in town about me too and everyone knows she’s got it bad for me. She texts and rings here and there but I’ve made a decision to not initiate contact to try to let things cool down. Because the last two times i saw her I got drunk and flirted back. She sent a cute text since then and called once but stopped about a week ago- haven’t heard from her at all now. Not sure if she’s over it now but I can’t get her out of my head.


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