Controversial... the new candyman film wasn't grea

And I'll tell you why. The main character, the baby kidnapped by the candyman from the first film, does not face up against the same man from his past. The alternative candyman, a character he has no connection to, might as well be another entity. A true conflict with his past demons is lost here, hence a broken plot.

The pacing showed there were clearly things left on the cutting room floor, case in point, the guy from the laundromat. Why the fuck did he suddenly go mental? The second half of the film was rushed.

The candyman himself was no more than a shadow of his former self. No personality. No presence. If you watch the first film, there is a character there you could have a two way conversation with. In this film? Not so much. He appears to be a drone, a killing machine. He's the candyman, not the terminator.

Referring to the first point, of our protagonist not facing his actual demon that held him hostage as a baby in the first film, where the fuck was Tony Todd? Have you seen him recently? The actor has STILL got it. In a film that makes an argument about the lack of equality, they threw an actor out the window because he wasn't 'young' enough in their eyes... so it's okay to be ageist?

As a whole, the new candyman film was okay, IF you forget the first film... other than that, fuck the new Candyman film for dismissing a talented actor because of his age. We got half of the candyman. Fuck that film.

Forgive ?
anonymous #1
And yes I know he showed up at the end for a cameo. A fucking cameo. Those patronising Hollywood clowns.

Tony Todd should have been reprising his role throughout. I know they want to make fucking 30 more of these films, but if you wanted to remake it. Remake it. Don't disguise it as a sequel and try sell us a candyman film without Tony Todd being the actual Candyman.

The new Halloween didn't leave out Jamie Lee Curtis because she's not 18 anymore... fuckers
anonymous #2
🌈The Faggler™ must concur with your point of view.
anonymous #3
Idk man
anonymous #4
They should have made it back then and just saved the whole thing for near 30 years in pristine condition. I'd have enjoyed that surprise.
anonymous #5
I agree no. 4.


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