What it feels like to have slept with 5 guys

Let me introduce myself, I'm Shaifali Bargota an independent MBA graduate women working in MNC sector. Yes as the caption suggested i have slept with 5 guys in my life. It all started in my graduation days with Dheeraj, we were fun and done almost everything other than getting his nut into my bolt. He tried best to get it, but bichara bachaa. Later came Ashish the Jat (chutiya) guy during my mba days, he took off my virginity in actual sense, we used to make out anywhere and everywhere. Then came Tarun, had great fun with me, he made me grow from 32 to 34 in no time. But he was also an asshole. Then came Rupam, he took the saying "Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma'am seriously. He fucked me few times and vanished. I had to finalize on somebody post what all of these had done to my body. So searched for most decent guy "Ankit" . We finalized to get married, so we fucked unlimited times, he used to last very less but what can a hoe afford after all this. Just before 15 days to our marriage, I went full Diva whore and called off the marriage. That poor guy, his father died very soon post this because of the trauma given by me.

Sometimes, when I sleep upstraight, I get nightmares of these 5 dics hovering over my face. One of them used to call me bhooklu*di for a reason. Am I a modern era Draupadi without marriage ?

I don't know, I lived my life to the fullest or fucked it, don't have enough brain to understand it. I leave it to you guys to judge.

Forgive ?
anonymous #1
Jesus is the answer, he forgives you, gave his life for u. Pray to God, and ask for help to stop sinning.
anonymous #2
Need fuck more men to stave brain die off.
anonymous #3
Shaifali Bargota
anonymous #4
Shaifali Bargota is a hoe.
anonymous #5
I see from where grand canyon might have got inspiration... shaifali Bargota... 😂


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