Fake liberal

I pretend, especially online, that I care about immigrants, LGBTQ+ issues, etc but the truth is I just want to get on with my life; I feel like everyone else is talking about this stuff so I just join in. I know there are many, many people who claim to be completely liberal, but actually don't care, have in-group preferences and just want to fit in and not be called racist. That's why in our 96% white countries, there isn't a single commercial being shown without a black or mixed-race couple in in it. People think this will solve everything. There seems to be a strange paradox at work, when people stop pretending to care, we'll actually begin to make the world a better place.

Forgive ?
anonymous #1
Jesus is the answer. Use your gifts to glorify and really help others.
anonymous #2
Why emulate cognitively confused liberals?
anonymous #3
why spend a lot of effort in pretending to not be what you are not? Just because others do it does not mean you should too. I am not really political but it seems that you care about these subjects even more than I do. My wack ass advice is to learn why you don't care about the subjects that you listed in your confession. Like actually look into it. If you're a racist, then own up to it. Just don't be surprised when you bite more than you can chew. Own up your shit.


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