I'm not ONLY a 🌈Faggler™.

I'm also a fully licenced 🌈Chinkler™ and 🌈Niggler™❗I can serve the community in a multitude of ways, and am proud to do so. If ever you have any 🌈Chinkling™ or 🌈Niggling™ needs, please never hesitate to ask-- I'm here for YOU, after all. I am currently in the process of being cleared to operate under the 🌈Beaner™ charms, but just to be clear, I am not yet licenced to do so. Being such a well respected 🌈Faggler™, however, I'm sure my bosses would look the other way in an emergency situation. --🌈The Faggler™.

Forgive ?
anonymous #1
How DARE you downcross 🌈The Faggler™❗❗ I put my LIFE on the line for you heathonous 🌈Fucks™, (I'm also a licenced 🌈Fuckler™), and THAT'S THE THANKS I GET❓❗❓❗❓❗ I WILL SKULL FUCK YOU❗❗❗ I WILL FUCK THE EYES FROM YOUR SOCKETS WHERE YOU STAAAANNND❗❗❗❗❗
anonymous #2
They call me tha caulker🧑🏼‍🦱. I am caucasian with thick blond hair and thick white cum. I'm actually a Greek god, but served in bleach on rock hard abs for your approval.
anonymous #3
Thank you based Faggler.
anonymous #4
You are more than welcome, #3❗🌈Titty Sprankles❗™ 🌈LOL❗™ --🌈The Faggler™.
anonymous #5
Kill ya self


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