I was lied to and accidentally lied to more people

So, I was a part of this discord group where people talk about mental health. I didn't want a big part in it, but soon enough, I became an admin and was on the server nearly 10 hours a day helping people down from crisises. One day in particular, there was a member who we'll call X. X was known for acting out and being rather aggressive with staff or really anyone who tried to console them. While I was helping someone else out, X began ranting in this chat and being rather loud/overbearing. While I don't mind someone expressing themselves, there is a time and a place. Heck, if they just went into a different chat, it would have been fine. Either way, I took them aside in the DMs to try to hash it out. Then started about a day of trying my hardest to be kind and help them through their problems, but being insulted and/or ignored. After a while, I just cut it off with them because you can't help someone who doesn't want help, right? I sent some of the messages to a co-owner (who we'll call Z) because I was talking about how rude this person was, not really trying to get anything out of it. Z proceeded to ban them from the server, which was fair. X then went off anywhere they could, particularly to one of the actual owners, L. Supposedly L knew X in real life. X tried to get me banned and said all sorts of stuff about me. Thankfully, L saw through their charade and didn't;t believe them. Now I feel is an important time to mention more about L. I've known L for a while and even invited them to a server I mod in. Though I had initially mistrusted them at first, most people seemed to like them a lot, so I went along with it. Anyways, about a day later, I get a DM from L saying that X had offed themselves and blamed a staff member for their decision. I panicked because I had thought it was me from the way X had talked about me. L assured me it wasn't, but I was still really worried. Z and I talked some and got really worried when L came to us individually (in DMs again) hinting that they were going to give our info to the police and that there would be an investigation and that they were gonna send pics from the server etc. Z panicked hard. Yet, the more we talked, the stranger things became. Regardless, a day or so passed and I decided to ask some of the people on my floor (dorm) to pray for X and their family because I really believed that X had died. It may seem obvious to an outsider, yet for me, it was all very real. That night, Z and I amassed enough evidence to prove that L was lying. They eventually admitted it. THEY LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING. Z and I did some more digging, eventually proving that L lied about being abused, their age, and the fact that they were known to groom minors over the internet. Though I am beside myself for being lied about, I still feel really bad for unintentionally lying about X being dead. Now, a lot of people are graciously coming out of the woodworks, even school counsellors/etc. I feel like I'm not really in the wrong, but I feel so bad that these people are caring under false pretenses.

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