This gorgeous young girl in he

This gorgeous young girl in her twenties is completely infatuated with me and I’m not sure what to do. When she sees me she ignores her boyfriend and spends the whole night with me, standing close, smiling, and looking at me as if I’m the greatest thing to ever walk the earth. Before you say anything I’m broke and in my 50s, so there’s no reason for her to “act nice”. She takes every opportunity to cuddle and for a long time too (I let her of course, she’s insanely beautiful) and asks me so many questions about my life etc. Apparently she talks to every in town about me too and everyone knows she’s got it bad for me. She texts and rings here and there but I’ve made a decision to not initiate contact to try to let things cool down. Because the last two times i saw her I got drunk and flirted back. She sent a cute text since then and called once but stopped about a week ago- haven’t heard from her at all now. Not sure if she’s over it now but I can’t get her out of my head.

Forgive ?


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