It’s weird because sociopaths/

It’s weird because sociopaths/psychopaths don’t seem to care if they don’t feel for people and don’t have a conscious… (unless some wish they weren’t sociopaths/psychopaths idk?) With new science I can imagine a drug that can rewire the brain of a sociopath/psychopath to actually be able to feel empathy and be able to form some sort of conscious. Don’t know how long that will take. I know scientists are already working on it… but when/if it happens it just makes me think wow… what would that feel like… how would one see their own past looking back. It would be a very interesting experience for that person I’m sure… it’s like they will feel like a completely different person than they were before… I wonder how that would feel… having a conscious vs not having a conscious makes a great deal of difference in the way we experience life… it hard to imagine. We like to believe if we have a conscious we are inherently good people and im not saying there’s not such a thing as a good person I’m an empath and see myself as a good person But the thing that were supper uncomfortable talking about/admitting/thinking about… is that, in some ways am I a good person by default? If I was BORN with a conscious then yes. Sure I choose to do good… go above and beyond. Do things not everyone with a conscious would do… so I guess that make me good by choice as well. I was also loved well growing up. That plays a big part. Not that that makes it a certain thing you’ll be good or bad at all. I choose to be good but I was born with a strong conscious. Sociopaths/phycopaths Aren’t caring hearted (unless your not a full blown sociopath or for some other reason it’s complaicated idk… but I’ve read a lotttt about sociopathy and psychopathy so I have a medium understanding of it. Though Ive never taken any courses in phycology and studies it directly) So bad… but by default I guess

Forgive ?


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