I made out with my first cousi

I made out with my first cousin- and loved it. We did other stuff too, such as French kissing, I fondled and sucked her breasts, she gave me a blowjob and we made out while completely naked. It was awesome. I also knew it was incestuous and wrong- but I loved it- and would do it again. The time I got spend with Tina was amazing.

Forgive ?
anonymous #1
Nothing wrong with it. I've been messing around with my hot older sister for years. We have no plans on stopping, both enjoy it, and know each other's bodies and what we like very well. If I don't want to attend a family function, she knows how to get me to go: Promise and deliver time away from the gathering so we can mess around. She'll even wear what I ask or tell her, usually skin-showing or low-cut tops to show off her body. She likes to keep the peace and get me to these functions, so, does it and enjoys it.


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