I only have friends because I put out.

I want it to stop, but no one will love me if I do.

bought panties

I paid a 12 year old neighbor girl 50 dollars for her worn panties. now I am afraid her father is going to kill me. she lives next door.

What it feels like to have slept with 5 guys – Lif

Life Story of Shaifali Bargota Let me introduce myself, I’m Shaifali Bargota an independent MBA graduate women working in MNC sector. Yes as the caption suggested i have slept with 5 guys in my life. It all started in my graduation days with Dheeraj, we were fun and done almost everything other than getting his nut into my bolt. He tried best to get it, but bichara bachaa. Later came Ashish the Jat (chutiya) guy during my mba days, he took off my virginity in actual sense, we used to make out anywhere and everywhere. Then came Tarun, had great fun with me, he made me grow from 32 to 34 in no time. But he was also an asshole. Then came Rupam, he took the saying “Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma’am seriously. He fucked me few times and vanished. I had to finalize on somebody post what all of these had done to my body. So searched for most decent guy “Ankit” . We finalized to get married, so we fucked unlimited times, he used to last very less but what can a hoe afford after all this. Just before 15 days to our marriage, I went full Diva whore and called off the marriage. That poor guy, his father died very soon post this because of the trauma given by me. Sometimes, when I sleep upstraight, I get nightmares of these 5 dics hovering over my face. One of them used to call me bhooklu*di for a reason. Am I a modern era Draupadi without marriage ? I don’t know, I lived my life to the fullest or fucked it, don’t have enough brain to understand it. I leave it to you guys to judge.

College experience

My wife and I have been married for 30 years. We have two wonderful children that are now young adults. But, when my wife and I were in college, we used to have threesomes with my roommate. We never did anything like that after graduation and it never came up in the 30 years of our marriage. In fact, I don't know why I'm even thinking about it now.

Sister-in-Law's panties

I am so obsessed with my wife's sister, a gorgeous hairy brunette. I have masturbated thousands of times over the years thinking about her. I have stolen and sniffed at least 8 pairs of her dirty panties over time. I would sometimes even suck on the crotch area so my breath would smell like her pussy. I have spied on her in the bathroom, masturbated on the phone while talking to her, groped her ass once and have an entire library of digitally faked nudes of her. Her name is Doris and just hearing her voice makes my dick stand at attention.

Forced BJ

I am a 26 year old male. Last year I was out walking at night and was confronted by some homeless mexican guy who pulled a knife on me and made me suck. He was smelly and sweaty and his dick was gross. He held my head down and blasted into my mouth. Instead of going to the police, I went home and masturbated for hours.

throat goat

i was a side chick for a bi guy and he ended up dying....anyways i gave his boyfriend a bj at the funeral in the parking lot

Wife on video

I hid a videocam one night while the wife and I had a good fuck session and it came out really good. Decided to have a viewing party one night with all of my buddies. My wife has no idea that EVERY single one of my friends has seen her beautiful hairy pussy and asshole. Now when she talks endlessly to them, they just picture her in that video, bouncing up and down on my cock.


so, i have been stealing money from my grandparents for about 5-6 years (im 15 now) i used to steal for dumb shit like book fairs and xbox games and gift cards. but now ive been buying vapes. i let it take over me and get the best of me. my grandpa found out i stole 120$ from the money he kept in a backpack buy his chair in his bedroom. he showed me mercy today. he didnt hit me. he didnt scream at me. he judt asked why i did it. but i didnt tell him why. i told him it was for xbox stuff. so today i am disgusted with myself as how i let my addiction get to me. i am going to start selling stuff to pay off the 120$. i might even overpay him for the other money that ive stolen in the past. anyways.. thats my confession. im sorry.

🌈Tiddy Spranklez❗™

🌈The Faggler™.

Co-Worker's Ass

I have a new coworker whose pants are a bit too loose. Prior to her hire, I was looking for other jobs. Now, we work different shifts, but I see her, as her shift ends a few hours before mine begins. She wears thin thongs and knowing that, I sneak a few looks at her tight ass. I decided to stay at this job just to see her ;).

My magic machine

Every night I think about getting into my magic machine. A machine that is miles tall and wide with a massive bulldozer blade that wipes out and destroys everything on the planet. And it has special arms that pick up hot girls before impact and puts them into a cell where they are anaesthesiezed so I can rape them while they're unconscious and when I'm done they just get dumped out the back of the machine and go splat on the ground. Destruction is my pleasure.

I just use people

The way I get through life is by hunting for and consuming resources from others. Basically money and food. I have a job and take care of myself and actually live a very well but modest lifestyle, but the way I stay above water is by being around people who can contribute money and food on a fairly regular basis. By appearing to have my things together, I have managed to trick everyone for years. Will need to continue to have steady resources come in until I either die or just get tired of living and just kill myself lol. Life is actually pretty boring as fuck

Stuck in a relationship

Basically. Had a college sweetheart, known for 3+ years. We’ve already lived together for over a year and making the means to move cities but… I’m in too deep. The only reason I’m in it is because I covered everything financially while he goes to school and my parents like him because they think I can’t handle being on my own (re: mental health. He doesn’t clean up after himself, he doesn’t do me errands when I am away for work and makes excuses as if he is unable to turn on a tv monitor or navigate a web page. I know he is smarter than this. I wanted to help him build his own business but I legitimately do not think he has the aptitude or passion to get off the bed for a 40 hour work week. When he graduates, I want to dump him. Am I the asshole?

Fuck my last job

I gave 3 weeks notice because they'd be totally fucked if I just left. But before I left I took $220 of gifted lunch money from the safe. Was underpaid anyway. Don't worry, they still suck ass and haven't done anything outstanding to deserve a pizza lunch from what I've heard.

No, THIS is Toxic you ugly dyke nigger

Going to inhibit your nicotinic acetylcholine receptors with concentrated moonseed powder derived from a chloroform based acid-base tubocurarine alkaloid extraction using DMSO as a carrier Do you enjoy being paralyzed ... you wanted one of them ugly ball bouncing dumb niggers to fuck you while tied up...... NOW you fucked. You got YOURSELF FUCKED UP HOE You don't need to live. The world is better off without you. Them too, offed.... You know who. I hate your nasty pissy smelling uneducated psychotic bipolar spongebob square ass dyke grumpy cat looking fugly fat saggy lopsided titty ignorant half nigger fucking monkey hateful evil broken stinky cunt You want me to eat your shit tasting ass...?! nasty ghetto homeless no sense having bitch please Cant wait for you to be dead so I can be at peace again

I fell in love

I cheated on my girlfriend of two years before I broke up with her. I then broke up with the mistress. Then I reconnected with an old friend that I started dating again. Then I reconnected with another old friend. Lets call her Charley. As I got to know her again I started to fall in love like I have never experienced before. Now I sit, on the eve of the worst day of my life, writing this confession. Charley, if you're reading this, I'm that better option.

Gay affairs have to stop

I am a 50 year-old married man with two kids and I have had gay affairs for the past five years. I have been with maybe a dozen men and have let a few penetrate me. I am not physically attracted to men, but to the idea of being a vulnerable bottom.I have been tested twice in clinics for HIV and STDs, negative each time. But I feel the burden of lying an cheating. I can’t tell anyone and I’m sorry to all the men I’ve hurt by leaving or not meeting and to my family. I hope they never know. I have finally closed all my online accounts and will get tested again. I will seek counseling and volunteer time to help others. I will not ever do it again. - Bob, my first man. Kissed, sucked, and let penetrate me with condom - Gene, older gay man who kissed me and almost penetrated me, I left. - Tom, older man I kissed and JO’d in a parking lot - Ernest, older gay man who i have kissed, sucked, and let penetrate me three times bare over three years, he’s on PrEP. - Traveler who I met and kissed and JO’d - Robert, older man I kissed and gave BJ - John, older man I gave BJ - Lin, older man I have kissed on four meeting times, sucked him twice, and let penetrate me bare (he didn’t climax) - Older Anglo man I met on Grindr. I kissed, left before he penetrated me - Younger black man I met on Grindr and gave BJ - Younger Hispanic man on Grindr who penetrated me, condom - Younger Hispanic man on gay chat who penetrated me, condom - Younger Hispanic man in Texas who kissed, JO’d me

Washing panties

I'm smelling and hand washing my gf's panties. I'm her panty slave and worship her hot vagina. We are a kinky couple and sex is great.

Islamic Breast Carving

That's how they do in Taliban Afghanistan.


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